Route to savings & better services

agile & scalable!


improve self-service quality

Less time for guiding, less confusion with customers and visitors more time for caring


Keep customers stressless

No more sweat & ruffled faces, no more

”Dude, where’s my car?”

You may tune up your processes

Make work easier for visitors, installers, carriers and suppliers

terminals & malls easy visit for all

More fluent visits – more happy customers to recommend your service

events & fairs

routes, infos, schedules & booths easily available

Let people find stands &

info easily, and enjoy the crowd on your customers stand - add it to your app!

conference & office hotels

”First to the right, then to the 6th floor…(mumble)”

– Forget that and focus on essentials!

try it here

case oFFICE (en/us)

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"Approach & wayfinding"

MOI wayfinding to Palko´s office
Organization: Palko Interactive Oy



case hOSPITAL (FI)

Open kiosk view

Open mobile view

"General hospital wayfinding"

Touchscreens, web and mobile
Customer: Carea – Kymenlaakso Social and Health Services, Kotka, Finland



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"City services & events"

City of Hamina: kiosk, web version, mobile

Customer: City of Hamina, Finland



Show map´s & info

At location...


You can have also

an traditional signage print tool.

Have all in one

One content, all

medias and devices

Infokiosk - websites -  mobile

3rd party services & apps - signs

Edit changes yourself

...Control routes
and content

Easy to use - cloud based editor for quick content updating.

Interactive maps with routes & info

Share & use it in any modern device

Print tool for traditional sign sheets

Personal routes to your customers

Part of your service, website or app

Edit routes & info without any coding

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